Stand Up Paddling you need to try it.

Stand up paddlingThere is an exercise I am now recommending that has so many health benefits I can’t go overboard enough about it.  Stand up paddling or SUP. Stand up paddling provides both resistance training and aerobic activity in one exercise, AND it has the added benefit of balance training as well.

The exercise component will help with: enhancing glucose uptake (Sugars), increasing lean body mass versus fat (Which will reduce cellular inflammation). Inflammation agents are culprits in almost all forms of dementia (ref., Perricone) including Alzheimer’s (ref., Perricone 2007) with any form of exercise we tend to more effectively eliminate these unwanted byproducts thereby improving many aspects of our lives.

Stand up paddling will engage almost all the muscles of our bodies at once from our toes to shoulders. This also encourages core strength. It is also a sport that can be performed at any age provided one is physically active enough to participate. It will help with muscle strength and endurance, as well as cardio capacity and the added benefit of balance practice.

Without balance practice we will tend to lose touch with our bodies and where we are in gravity. As we age this can be a significant contributing factor to the slip and fall’s that often result in the broken hips we hear about. I doubt anyone reading this doesn’t know someone who has had this happen and then vicariously how tough it is to come back from.

The practice of balance has positive effects staving off the normal deterioration of our brains as we age.

All that, and add in the added benefit of fresh air, beautiful vistas and you have a mental balm that deserves its own article.

So get out there and get paddling, you’ll be glad you did !