Summertime, and the living is….. Warmer ! Don’t forget the sunscreen !!

SuncreenThey say Climate Change isn’t happening,  its supposed to hit one hundred degrees this weekend. Good conditions for a sunburn or worse sunstroke lets not forget the sunscreen.

Getting outdoors this weekend, yes I think so.  Gonna forget the sunscreen ?  Yes more than a few of us.

Not a good idea getting out there without it,  and there are some sunscreen myths  I’d like to bust for ya before you do.

The first one is SPF “Sun protection factor.”  There is no standardization of SPF protection provided by the FDA. What we are all told NEVER go out with less then 30 SPF if you’ll be out more than an hour or so. Do the seventy plus SPF’s help well that’s a point of contention. Lord knows I use it on my face I sure do but oddly the rest of me gets thirty or fifteen and seems to color about the same.

The second Myth is the Sweat-proof, Waterproof, its all good on ya sports sunscreen idea. These promises are just not based in fact. OK so some of these products are more resistant to coming off than others but they do come off. Most dermatologists say to re-apply sunscreen products every hour or so throughout the time you are getting exposed, particularly if you are in and out of the water like I am.

Another tip, try to plan in advance with the first application. Its best to apply the sunscreen products at least forty five minutes prior to exposure. (Not sure exactly why but that’s one of the common directives given by people who are supposed to know a lot more about this than I.)

Those of you who know me and my slightly vintage bent know to never underestimate the value of a nice hat, be it a vintage fedora or big ol floppy beach hat.  You’ll be likely to see me out there in both at differing times of course.

So, slather up,  get out there, and have yourself some fun,  as a healthy body and healthy mind go together.