Custom orthoticsThree tips for summer foot health.

Plan on keeping blisters from forming.

The primary cause of blisters if friction caused by ill fitting shoes, flip flops or sandals. Take care to purchase shoes that actually fit as well as looking good. There is no better recipe for blisters than great looking, ill fitting shoes.

Heat is another factor in blister formation, well ventilated shoe or sock that wick away moisture are very helpful in combating excessive summer foot heat. Lets face it… the hot foot is BAD !

Lastly, try not to wear the same shoes day after day. If you shift from one pair to another you’ll not only allow the shoes to dry/air out, but you’ll increase the life of your shoes.

Bare foot in public places….. you might be courting foot fungus !

For some of us there is nothing like swimming splashing and playing around a pool. It takes us back to the crazy lazy days of the summers of our youth.

However don’t let the nostalgia cause you to forget your feet and their health. Wear your flip flops around the pools edge and inside the showers and changing areas. If you don’t, you are potentially exposed to things like plantar warts or athletes foot. A little bit of caution and you can give these summer issues a miss. Lets pay attention to out foot health to have a more healthy summer.

I know…. Comfortable shoes… Lame ! But lets be real about it.

It seems a silly thing to say, but come on now, you know what I’m talking about. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES on vacation. Those sexy sling backs might be just the thing however we tend to walk a lot more than normal when on vacation.

The last thing you want to do is ruin your trip by creating foot health issues thereby limiting your capacity to walk on the beach, bike ride, and sight see. Change your socks daily and wear shoes that allow you to perform all those extra activities without causing you pain.

Last word on socks, if you have the chance purchase socks that wick away moisture, you’ll be glad you did. If you plan on competitive sports or jarring motions, some socks have extra padding built into the heels and toes for shock absorption.

If we take care of our foot health, our feet will take care of us and we will have that enjoyable summer we all yearn for.