Can I always help patients with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ? Not always, the patient has to be willing to do the necessary  homework and be present in the decisions about their care. I can however say I have had many patients scheduled for surgery find out that they don’t need it after a short course of Chiropractic care. Can you imagine being a musician and having pain in the wrist and numbness in your fingers ? The Quote below just one example of a patient with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome who managed to avoid the surgery. This appeared her Facebook page.

Carmen Gettit
Carmen Gettit rips on Guitar

“Hello all, just an update. My carpal tunnel has totally turned around, I have no numbness or pain, and I’ve been like this for months. I spent several months of 3 x/week sessions with Dr. Ed Camp DC. Ed Camp Chiropractic in SF. Dr. Camp used a variety of techniques with me including adjusting, taping, electrical stim, PT exercises for homework, and perhaps most importantly a traction device for the neck and back that I would spend 20 minutes in at every visit. Prior to starting with Dr. Camp, I had a consultation with Dr. Mxxxxxxx as well, he recommended surgery for both CTR and deQuervain’s syndrome surgery which I chose not to have after my success with Dr. Camp’s treatment plan. I also put lighter gauge strings on my guitar. Stretches for the wrists and forearms, Stretches and Strengthening of core and back muscles to counteract the rounding forward of the upper body which happens from poor posture at the computer and while playing guitar, putting pressure on the median nerve. I’m So grateful for Dr. Camp’s positive attitude. He’s had extra training in extremities, and his office is lined with photos of professional athletes he has helped, in addition to some musicians. He’s empathetic & intuitive as well from his years of experience playing many different sports himself, as well as performing. Can’t recommend him more highly.

Update, Its been four years since I last treated Carmen and no return of her symptoms.