Chiropractic Studies

Chiropractic Studies the truth is out there

Research that stacks up!

Chiropractic studies are being done all the time. Many of these Chiropractic studies are commissioned by people who are anti-Chiropractic. Yet with more and more research about Chiropractic coming out these days, almost all of it favorable.

Even the Chiropractic studies funded by big Pharma and the Medical Community seems to come out favorably disposed toward Chiropractic. In fact the more research that is completed the more solid the support for Chiropractic Results.

Greg. Dynamic Chiropractic 1996; 14 (16) July 29:39. “Chiropractic is gaining unprecedented recognition as a safe, effective and cost effective treatment. More than 20 million annually seek care in the U.S. Doctors of Chiropractic are entitled to primary care status to which our education and license have empowered us. There is no state or jurisdiction in which any citizen cannot self refer to a Doctor of Chiropractic and in which a Chiropractic Doctor is not authorized to see those patients.”

Meade, MD. British Medical Journal 1995; 311: 349-351. “A three year follow up with 741 spinal pain patients randomized to receive either Chiropractic or hospital based outpatient care. Results: Mean Oswestry disability scores at three years showed 29% greater improvement in patients treated by the Chiro’s. The substantial benefit of Chiropractic treatment in terms of pain was evident early on and then persists throughout the trial.”

Shekelle, MD, PhD. Medical Care 1995;33(8): 842-850. “Evidence continues to accumulate that Doctors of Chiropractic are more popular than MD’s with their patients. Chiropractors retain 92% of their patients for a second episode where other professionals retained only 40%. With the 92% retention rate, Chiropractors are extremely popular with their patients. This is compatible with previous research into patient satisfaction with Chiropractors.”

Vernon, DC. JMPT 1995; 18(9): 611-617 “The sustained benefit with Spinal Manipulation may indicate a correction of some underlying disorder responsible for headaches. It is now indisputable that afferent connections from the upper cervical joints have an enormous capacity to create referred head and facial pain as well as muscle dysfunction in the cranio-vertebral region.”

Chapman -Smith, JD. Chiropractic Report 1996; 10(4) July: 1,6. “AHCPRS’s annual budget of 163 million has been slashed to 3 million. When the guidelines recommended against many common medical treatments in favor of spinal manipulation, those whose incomes and positions were threatened (orthopedists and drug suppliers) lobbied to prevent publication. Pharmaceutical manufactures were in disbelief seeing recommendations against the use of prescription drugs for MOST patients.”

“The AHCPR headache panel has completed its final draft, and recommends the use of prescription drugs be tempered as management for headaches. The fact that they recommend spinal manipulation of the cervical spine as appropriate for 80% of patients has caused the pharmaceutical world to be too uncomfortable. The result, its headache guideline, even though in final draft after years of research, will not be published. The Governments own Headache project is dead due to the special interests of the pharmaceutical companies.”

I hope these Chiropractic Studies were interesting to you and that they have given you food for thought.

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