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Chiropractic Methods

Chiropractic Methods

While I’m well versed in many Chiropractic methods, I prefer to use a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics. CBP examines the mechanical stress placed on our bodies by bad posture and the effects of our daily activities of living. (1)

Chiropractic Biophysics is also the chiropractic method with the most peer reviewed research articles validating its results and methodology. CBP’s postural correction approach removes the underlying cause of most of the cases we are faced with. We use four methods to correct postural anomalies due to these mechanical stresses:

Manipulation to release tissues that have become less mobile.
Traction to lengthen tissues that have contracted as a result of the abnormal posture.
Specific Exercises to balance the musculature thus effecting an actual postural correction.
Deep tissue massage to lengthen constricted tissues that are a part of the abnormal Biomechanics.
This proven approach has helped hundreds of people with chronic pain and many conditions that seemed unresponsive to conventional medical care. I am confident it can help you too.

1. Spinal Biomechanics: A Chiropractic Perspective. Donald D. Harrison MS, DC, 1992.
While there are a lot of Chiropractic methods out there and you the consumer may or may not know they exist. People react differently to different Chiropractic methods. Some are “Gentle,” some more “Vigorous,” the method you choose should use enough force to get the job done but not so much that you are afraid to come back.
There is also some debate as to whether one is a “Straight” Chiropractor, or a “Mixer” Chiropractor. The straight Chiropractors believe the adjustment only is the thing you need, while the mixers will apply other therapy to you when you are in their offices. I fall into the mixer category as I think if I have something proven to help my patients why hold back due to some philosophical precept. It is my belief that I should do everything in my power for my patients each and every visit to provide them the best longest lasting relief.

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