The meaning of the acronyms

Meaning of the Chiropractic Acronyms

Chyropractic acronyms Extremity C.C.E.P.Chiropractic acronyms Extremity C.C.E.P. – Chiropractic Certified Extremity Practitioner: This represents a one hundred and five hour course of post graduate study about diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation of the extremities. This involves injuries to the shoulders, hands, ankles knees and just about any other joint outside the spine. It also covers the manufacture of functional orthotics.

This makes Dr. Camp one of the go to guys for anything from carpal tunnel to a sprained ankle. He also makes custom orthotic foot beds for people from professional athletes to weekend warriors. And to correct gait disorders caused by a variety of conditions.

Chiropractic Acronyms Sports Injuries C.C.S.P.Chiropractic Acronyms Sports Injuries C.C.S.P. – Chiropractic Certified Sports Physician: This represents a three hundred hour course of postgraduate study having to do with sports injuries, rehabilitation, taping for sports participation, strengthening and conditioning, triage at athletic events, and sports participation examination procedures.

If you need advice on how to prepare for a specific sport, or to rehabilitate an injury Dr. camp has the specific training needed to help you. He can assist you with injuries or athletic performance enhancement.

Chiropractic Acronyms Workmens Compensation. Q.M.E.Chiropractic Acronyms Workmens Compensation. Q.M.E. – Qualified Medical Evaluator: This represents training in the physical examination and report writing for the medical legal arena. The specialty is driven by the Workmen’s Compensation Field but has applications that go beyond that scope.

If you have been injured on the job, you want someone with the skills to assist you in that difficult arena. If you have been in an auto accident you want a doctor who has a keen understanding of how the legal system works. Dr, Camp has successfully treated hundreds of patients in these types of scenarios and has the competence to assist you in regaining your lost health and in getting you back on the job in the least amount of time.

I hope this helps you understand the nature of these Chiropractic Acronyms and what they mean to you and your Chiropractic care.

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