Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

As always posture is an issue in low back pain. There is no way a woman can carry the extra weight during pregnancy without affecting posture. Its important to try to normalize the posture as much as possible during the term of your pregnancy.

Low back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. For each ten pounds of weight carried in front of the spine, you increase the internal disk pressure by fifty pounds. (1) This is due to leverage exerted on the spinal column.

During pregnancy women secrete a hormone called Relaxin. This hormone gives the ligaments the necessary laxity for childbirth; however, it also allows painful misalignment to occur with subtle provocation. On the bright side, this ligament laxity allows us to make the corrections using very little force so that we can restore comfort to the expectant mother with unusual ease. There is no reason to live with the discomfort inherent in pregnancy.

Dr. Camp can correct these problems gently and effectively.

1. Chiropractic Management of Spinal-Related Disorders Meridel L. Gaterman Williams-Wilkins c. 1990

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