Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Low back pain and sciatica
Low back pain and Sciatica are often caused by mechanical stress that strain or damages the intrinsic muscles necessary for normal motion. There can also be disc involvement but this is more rare and involves a particular mechanism of injury so can often times be eliminated as a potential diagnosis.

While quite painful, both low back pain and sciatica can usually be resolved quickly and without complications, using a non invasive chiropractic approach. These positive results can be augmented by exorcizes and stretching at home.

You have all heard of the slipped disk. Anatomically speaking, disks don’t slip. They do expand (Protrusion) flatten (Prolapse) and they can rupture (Extrusion). Each scenario can result in direct mechanical pressure on the spinal cord or a peripheral nerve root. This creates a sharp stabbing, burning or electric shock sensation either localized to the low back or running down one or both legs.

Often radiating pain can be a result of a change of one or more of our normal spinal curves. When these curves viewed on lateral x-ray are altered they draw the spinal cord to the anterior border of the spinal canal allowing minor disk anomalies to sometimes produce MAJOR symptoms. This problem more often than not responds favorably to spinal manipulation as reported in October 1994 by the American Association of Health Care Research and Reform.

Left untreated low back pain or sciatica can become chronic conditions that can plague a patient often for years. If you are suffering from low back pain or sciatica call Dr. Camp at 415 922 2225 to make an appointment now and nip this easily treated issue in the bud before it becomes a more long term problem.

Dr. Camp can help to guide you in the right direction towards quick, effective, long term pain relief.

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