Neck Pain

Neck pain, hits a lot of Americans, even more often if you work on a computer or frequently text

Neck Pain happens to many people often times with no warning. They can’t associate their neck pain to any specific injury or accident. Chiropractors are amazingly adept at helping people with Neck pain with gentle maneuvers that often can provide relief quick fast and in a hurry.
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Neck PainThere are three common factors involved with neck pain that seem to appear more often than not in most of the cases I see.

1. Pinched Nerve: A “Pinched Nerve” is rarely hard bone on soft nerve. Nerves travel in a bundle with a vein and an artery. Often, there will be an area of swelling in the neurovascular bundle causing a hydraulic compression of the nerve. This will impede normal nerve function and be perceived as pain.

2. “I slept on it wrong.” Sleep doesn’t induce the condition we call “Torticollis.” When a sudden sharp pain that precludes motion in the neck appears, it is usually due to the entrapment of nerve fiber inside the joint capsule of the posterior elements of the neck. Although not a serious condition it can be exceedingly painful.

3. Misalignment/muscle spasm: We don’t know which comes first, muscle spasms pulling bones out of place or if the displaced bones cause the muscle spasm. It doesn’t matter which comes first, you need a treatment that deals with both causes to affect a lasting cure.

And I laughingly say (This is HUMOR now) the two most common causes of neck pain are computer geek syndrome and teenage onset texting syndrome. Suffice it to say I can help most people with eight or… both presentations of this often debilitating neck pain.

Chiropractic is the discipline with the knowledge to properly diagnose and correct all of these conditions. If you are experiencing neck pain, call my office today and let me help you get rid of it ASAP.

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