Posture as a factor

Posture/Form Follows Function

Good postureAs your mother always told you, posture is important! Not only just because of your appearance, but also due to your posture’s effect on your health. Nature designed us with four curves in our spine that have to remain intact for proper spinal function. With traumatic injury or injuries due to the effects of time, We can lose these curves which is very deleterious to your overall health. (1)

The most common problem I see in my practice is the loss of cervical curve. It can manifest as pain between the shoulder blades (the pain that many associate with stress), headaches, or the old pain in the neck which you might expect with a loss of the natural mechanics of the spine. While somewhat counter-intuitive, this loss of curve in the neck can often manifest as low back pain sometimes, with pain radiating into the buttock or down the leg.

The spinal cord is meant to reside in the center of the spinal canal and is held there by small “dentate” ligaments. When the curves change, the cord is pulled to the anterior wall of the canal which exposes the cord to wear and tear not present in people with normal curves. We have the technology to restore these curves returning you back to your normal functional parameters.

As Gray’s Anatomy states, “Every function in the body is directly or indirectly controlled by the nervous system.”

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