The extremities

Do the feet, ankles, knees and hip effect the overall function of the spine?


There are many approaches to Chiropractic amongst its various practitioners all of them with varying degrees of research backing them up. Some practitioners come from schools of thought that seem to exclude all other approaches. A few of these techniques come with lovely catch phrases meant to make them stand out, or alone. Often practitioners believe their approach to be the only one.

I have been blessed with two very influential Chiropractic mentors who don’t get along, but speak the same language. If you were to ask them, the other isn’t on the right track. But I find their work to compliment each others and when combined their methods are very effective.

One of them believes that if the foundation is not functioning well, whatever repairs we make on the walls will crack over time. That theory certainly makes sense to me and as a result, I pay particular attention to both the extremities and the spine.

The postdoctoral work I have done yielding the C.C.E.P. designation represents my commitment to restoring the foundation thereby effecting more lasting effects on the rest of the structure.

It is my belief that feet, ankles, knees and hips can truly effect the overall function of the spine. I bring that belief system into play with all my patients and I believe that it makes me better prepared to help you with achieving your long-term health goals.

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