Custom Orthotics


Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Dr. Camp has been making custom orthotics since 1997 when he completed his C.C.S.P. program with the Council on Extremity Adjusting. He has maintained his relationship with the council and its director Dr. Kevin Hearon by assisting with the ongoing program helping others to learn this technique.

Can Custom Orthotics help me?
Dr. Hearon often says, “Fifty percent of your patients desperately need a pair of custom orthotics, the other fifty will merely benefit tremendously from having them. I believe there is truth in that. Even when we are asymptomatic, many of us have issues with the mechanics of the lower extremities that custom orthotics can help.

A pair of custom orthotics will insure you are in your shoes at “Sub-Talar Neutral.” This is the optimum position to provide the maximum mechanical advantage to our gait.

Why choose a pair of Custom Orthotics when there are so many available at our corner store?
Over the counter orthotics can in fact help some people. All of them come with a 3 or 4 degree pitch. If your feet are both the same length and width, and of a similar pitch a pair of over the counter orthotics will help you to some degree.

What makes the custom orthotic a better choice is that the end product will be made to the actual design parameters of your feet. If they are differing width, length or pitch, a pair of custom orthotics will be far more effective for you.

Quick Questions for Dr. Camp

Why buy a Custom Orthotic when there are so many over the counter versions? (YouTube)

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