Postural Correction

Patch care or corrective care, postural correction care lasts!

One issue that many Chiropractors fail to discuss with their patients, is the concept of patch versus reconstructive care. There have been more than a few long term studies that indicate up to 80% of the people who have a chronic pain syndrome have a postural component to their pain. Postural correction can be accomplished with a specific chiropractic protocol and we have the evidence to prove it.

Cervical spine as it presented in my office.

Cervical spine as it presented in my office.
There is hope for these people as the Biophysics Technique can in fact correct these postural anomalies. This process takes some time but the bright side is over eighty four percent of the people who do this program of care leave 100% symptom free.
R-Normal Cervical CurveSame cervical spine after postural corrective Chiropractic.

Same cervical spine after postural corrective Chiropractic.

Insurance companies do NOT pay for reconstructive type care as they believe if you are out of pain you have no need for Chiropractic intervention. However for the cost of a new set of Golf Clubs you can probably have a course of Postural Correction care to see that your spine is restored to its proper design parameters which will help you game far more than a new set of clubs. I highly recommend this type of care to those who have had on and off pain for a couple of years or more. Call me today to find out if this type of care can help you.

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