Sports Injuries

When it comes to treating sports injuries, not all Chiropractors are the same

Sports injuries, man jogging

Almost all Chiropractors have some success treating a myriad of sports injuries. Very few however have taken the time to earn advanced designates that specialize in diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

Due to my own participation in more than a few sports, and the subsequent sports injuries I suffered myself, I decided early in my career that I wanted to have that extra some extra skills that would help my patients from professional athletes to the weekend warrior alike. As a result I attained the C.C.S.P. designation which means “Chiropractic Certified Sports Physician.” This helps me guide my athletes in areas that were not adequately covered in the conventional Chiropractic education. After I completed that program, I realized I had seen only the tip of the iceberg and I wanted to go deeper.

After completing the C.C.S.P. designation, it felt like the more I had learned the more I needed to know. As a result, I became a devotee of Kevin Hearon an amazingly talented Chiropractor who developed a program of extremity examination and treatment called the C.C.E.P. “Chiropractic Certified Extremity Practitioner.” I was allowed the privilege of working with Dr. Hearon after my completion of the C.C.E.P. program, and assisted him with his courses by teaching the practical aspects of how to apply the information he presented to the patients of aspiring new C.C.E.P. designates. This was an incredible experience and one I’ll cherish the rest of my life.

During my work with Dr. Hearon, I was taught how to evaluate the lower limb and its affects on the spine. This drove me toward the making of custom Orthotics that have the capacity to correct a lot of issues with the feet, ankles, and hips. This of course contributes to a more stable low back. Again taking my work with athletes and the general public to new levels.

One of my colleagues who shall remain nameless once said to me “Man are we lucky we beat ourselves up so bad in our youth. There isn’t a patient who comes into our offices which whom we can’t relate having suffered most anything out there ourselves and having to work our way back to good health for ourselves.”

There is truth in that for sure.

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