skeleton pointing at xray

My personal philosophy about X-ray films as part of the diagnostic process is as follows.

In the absence of trauma, I do not insist in taking an x-ray. If there IS trauma, I won’t work without them. If there are pre-existing films that were taken somewhere else and there was no new trauma since they were taken, I do like to see them. I believe they are VERY helpful in predicting your long term prognosis and how well you will react to Chiropractic Care.

On the other hand I believe X-rays are important for the following three reasons.

The First: Studies have shown that the inter examiner reliability of diagnosis of spinal complaints made strictly by poking and prodding even moving the spine through its normal range of motion is less than chance. Adjusting without films based on the conventional examination process will more than likely result in your feeling better, sometimes much better for a while, but it is not the most therapeutic approach for your long term well being. We are more often than not doing a patch approach rather than a repair the underlying condition with this approach. Take note of the films below and you will see what I mean.

Case NC Before as it presented in my office the fist visit
The Second: Everyone is built a little differently. My X-ray vision have been just a little deficient since that exposure to Kryptonite. As a result it is my belief that treatment without X-rays is like taking your car to the garage for service, and not letting the mechanic open the hood. X-rays allow us to tailor your care to your specific needs far more than we can do without the extra information they provide.
Case NC After two months of corrective care

The third: I would like your treatment in this office to be goal oriented. If we really look into your issues by taking a series of X-rays, and doing a thorough examination process, we know what we are trying to accomplish with your treatment plan.

Lumbar spine as it presented in my office
As you can see from the X-rays on this page, a before AND after, should show significant change. This is a fact true with over eighty percent of my patients. I like the fact that with the Biophysics method of Chiropractic care, we have a starting point, and a goal. When you reach your goal, we change your treatment plan from correction to one of keeping you functioning in your top condition.
Lumbar spine after four months of corrective care

If the spinal curves are properly corrected the spine is far more resilient to the stresses we place on ourselves every day. This is most apparent in people who have had chronic pain and often with this approach I can help them to finally put those issues behind them once and for all. That is what this job is all about for me.

Patch care, or a corrective approach, which would you choose ? I am happy to work with you whichever way you would like to go but I like people to be aware that there is in fact more than one Chiropractic approach.

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