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What will my first visit with Dr. Camp be like?

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Your first visit

In one word… AWESOME ! On this page, I wanted to give you a feeling for what you will experience on your first Chiropractic visit with Dr. Camp. It is my belief that your first Chiropractic visit is the most important to your treatment. It provides The Doctor with the information that will determine the direction and often, the overall results of your care. Your first Chiropractic visit with Dr. Camp will involve a through history, physical examination, explanation of findings and treatment.

Before we get down to business, I’ll have you fill out some paperwork. While the new patient paperwork appears at first view very comprehensive (Some think overkill) I promise you I’ll actually read it start to finish. This will be the foundation of what we’ll be looking at in the medical history process.

I will go over your paperwork in detail before we start the physical exam asking you questions were appropriate to determine what we will focus on in the physical examination. This is how we get to the heart of your particular issues. In school they used to tell us seventy percent of the diagnosis comes from the oral history of the patients issues. These take place in your first Chiropractic visit and lay the ground work on which we’ll decide how to address your health concerns. The medical interview will take from fifteen minutes to forty minutes based on the complexity of your case.

After going over the details of your case, we’ll spend about an hour doing a complete physical examination. This will include measuring range of motion, and examining the factors of what caused your problem be it trauma, or even your work ergonomics. It will also include a battery of orthopedic tests as well as strength and neurological testing.

When all this is completed, I’ll give you a fifteen to thirty minute thorough explanation of what I believe is the problem, how I arrived at my conclusions, and how I propose to help you with it. If your issues is out of my area of expertise then this is where I’d make the proper referral to someone who can help. This is how I like to be treated by my own doctors and based on my own experience, is often out of the norm. Since I appreciate better and thorough service, I make it a priority to provide it to my own patients.

This process is followed by your first treatment which will include the Chiropractic manipulations you would expect, and some muscle work that you may not. More often than not I include some physical therapy modalities such as E-Stim to reduce spasm, swelling and pain. I also often add a form of traction to repair structural changes that may have taken place over the years, and are often a major part of patients’ pain syndromes. This is particularly true in the chronic patients who have had multiple episodes of their same problem. These are the people who often say they live with “Normal pain”. I don’t tend to think of pain as normal and so far “Knock on wood”, I’ve been able to help most of my chronic pain patients to become pain free.

The links below are the paper work you’ll need to complete for our first session. Its divided into three sections. The first is the information I need from EVERY patient and I’d appreciate it if you’d complete this prior to our first appointment which is a very thorough interview and examination if not a marathon, without you sitting there filling out these pages.

New Patient Registration

The second batch is added to your file only if you have been in an auto accident.

Auto Accident Packet

The third section are pages germane only to bicycle, pedestrian accidents or slip and fall scenarios.

Bicycle Accident Packet

Pedestrian Accident Packet

Slip and Fall Packet

I hope this information is helpful and saves you some time and energy on your first Chiropractic visit with me. Please feel free to call me at my office if you have any questions as you are filling out the paperwork.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to being of service to you.

Dr. Camp

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